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WP 3

Implementation and evaluation of a Payments for ES (PES) scheme
Image by Vishwasa Navada K

The goal of this WP is to implement a site-specific PES scheme and estimate causality between the PES and its environmental and socioeconomic outcomes. First, the site-specific PES design scheme is chosen. This requires socio-demographic characterization of local population before PES implementation (baseline survey) complemented by WP1-2 results (T3.1). Second, the selected site-specific PES field experiment is implemented (T3.2). To identify causal impacts a counterfactual is required, for which a control group must be estimated, based on experimental/quasi-experimental econometric methods. Revelation of participants’ opportunity costs may also be needed implying the use of mechanism design or disclosure methods. Finally, an endline survey will be conducted for a rigorous evaluation of PES impact.

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